venerdì 23 luglio 2010

Consigli saggi per quiltare

1) If you want to get good at quilting, daily quilting;
2) Stop stressing about perfection. Perfection does note exist past 25 inches! Actually, make taht 5 inches.
3) Don't be afraid about your tension dial - it was put there for one reason
4) Quilt because it make you happy, not because you needto "finish that damned quilt!"
5) If you have never quilted before and are waiting forthat parfect daywhen the kidsare grown or you are retired, STOP WAITING! Today is the day, now is the time, get off your butt and do it!
6) Eat, quilt, Sleep. Repeat.

Immagine e consigli sono tratti da questo geniale e meraviglio blog dedicato all'arte del trapunto e del free motion:

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